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Robert A. Diioia, musically known as Rob Diioia, is a small town Pennsylvania native artist who has been creating music and perfecting his artistry since the age of 10 years old, after winning a “star search” talent contest in Las Vegas. At that point it was destined for him to be in the spotlight. Fast-forward to age 27, Rob Diioia has tapped into several different cities, created several projects, reached several music goals and more on this lifelong journey. With a contemporary sound, meaning one not solely defined to just any one category, Rob Diioia brings a little twist to today’s standard rap music.

He enjoys having many different cultural influences from his biological family, and the friends and family he has chosen. These all reflect in his artistry.

Seasoned with performances and working the stage, Rob is ready for the big leagues, opening up for artists like PNB Rock, Common, Zoey Dollaz and many more. He’s even done an international tour in Spain, opening up for artist Natalia Vergara. With thousands and thousands of streams, good content and a solid foundation, Rob Diioia will garner nothing but traction. Coming soon to the scene with his forthcoming release “Can't Fake A Vibe (Vol. 1)”, Diioia is going to take over the airwaves soon. Slated to release before summer 2021, stay tuned for more from Rob Diioia.

"Those new to the journey of Rob Diioia are in for a lucky treat."

                                                             - Kalisha Perera

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